Life Is Grand At 60

World of Warcraft changes quite a bit at level 60. The leveling grind is replaced by gear-grinding. But it is much more casual for me since I can take my time doing the instanced dungeons. I have a level 28 mage and 10 rogue that I am slowly advancing. The best part about being level 60 is that I don’t have to worry about getting rest anymore. Get tired from chasing after mineral deposits? I just log out wherever I am. No more running to the inn to get that max rest credit.

In other news, I actually thought about another game this week that isn’t called World of Warcraft or Out of the Park Baseball. Star Wars Empire at War is the first purely PC game to get TV ad time in a long time that I can remeber. Not that I am going to buy it because…

…they are actually taking pre-orders for World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade. My marriage barely survived getting to level 60. Kids lost teeth, daughter got into college. Wife got a new job. All sorts of things happened.

We’ll have to see how getting to level 70 works out.

There’s even a limit on the number of pre-orders and the game is scheduled for release in July. Insanity!


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