Pippa Strikes Back

I guess in the tabloid world that other Pippa is still lighting up the charts and testosterone of boys here as well as across the Pond, hungry for as much near Royal T&A as can possibly be achieved. I have never seen such, but alas, I do not really follow the ravishing cravings of those looking to see how the other half live.

Do I enjoy a pretty girl? Sure, as much as the next semi-old gaming guy. In fact I have had a ton of fun and laughs over the years posting T&A, eye candy, and the like, however today I am writing about one Pippa Mann, and her adventures in this year’s Indy 500.

Pippa Mann has been keeping a diary/blog over at RACER, and I have to admit that I have become a big fan of Pippa. Her writing style is highly engaging, open, honest, and of course entertaining.

The first pit stop was a reminder that while I was getting the hang of this thing on the track, it was no Indy Lights race. We were still under green – a few of the people whom I had passed, and a couple in front of me pulled off a lap earlier and dived in while I was being called one to go. Next lap – my turn. Call for more front wing, try to stay on the throttle through Four, shoot across to pit entry, on the brakes, down to speed before the line. Pit lane speed limiter, into neutral, into the box on the marks, holding the wheel and the brakes, being ready as soon as the car hits the ground but is still fueling. Ready, ready, ready… Fuel disengaged, first gear, wave out, GO. Reset the fuel, reset the in car tools. Breathe. Watch for the pit exit, be ready, be ready… Pit exit, disengage speed limit, push on the warm-up lane, push. Yellow – wait? What? Yellow?

Yes, yellow. I hadn’t even made it back out onto track and the track was down. …

I immediately learned two very important lessons. The first – you save fuel on the parade laps to try and go one further in the race; and second, being a little conservative to make sure you do everything right on your first-ever pit stop can hurt you just as much as over-shooting your marks and screwing the whole thing up.

Good stuff. I wish Pippa well, and certainly hope she catches a ride and earns a few more races. Pippa is much easier to cheer for than that other ‘famous’ female Indy racer.


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