White wants Fitzgerald money.

According to the ajc contract talks with Roddy White are not going very well.

White, who is under contract for the 2009 season, wants a contract in the financial neighborhood of Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald, who recently signed a four-year $40 million deal. The Falcons apparently are not willing to go that high.

As I wrote over the weekend, I think it is fair to make a case that White should get Top 10 WR money, but I just cannot see Fitzgerald money. If I were White I would try to get everything I could too, but he also needs to be somewhat realistic. In another year or two he may be considered a Top 3 receiver, but until he starts matching Fitzgerald reception-for-reception and TD-for-TD I hope White’s camp does not do something completely stupid.

With that said, this article make the case that White is actually statically comparable to Fitzgerald over the last couple of years. I would make the case that Fitzgerald has been much more consistent over his five years vs. White’s four years.

For Falcons fans there is some good news. It looks like Atlanta does have some leverage in contract negations.

The Falcons do have some leverage in that White could eventually cave and play without a new deal — and be tagged with a franchise tender next season or sign a long-term deal at some point before then. Should the NFL and the NFLPA not complete a new labor pact, making the 2010 season an uncapped year, White also would be a restricted free agent because he has less than six years of service. That would allow Atlanta to cripple his mobility by requiring interested teams to give up at least a first-round pick in order to sign him.

I hope this one does not get ugly.


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