PlayStation 2 Goes Kaboom

My PS2 has been on the fritz for a while. You know the symptoms; some DVDs skip, freeze, or do not even get recognized by the system. Same for games – sometimes they load, but other times they present that not so wonderful disk read error.

I have not had a ton of time for playing games over the last few months, but when I want to play I do not want to be hampered by a bum PS2. Yesterday was the last straw; I had some free time, but Gran Turismo 4 would not load. So off I went to Best Buy (yes, I hate the store, but it is closer to my house than Circuit City) to pick up a new slim generation PS2.

Of course my wife asked why I was buying one if I am going to turn around and get a PS3. Good question, but who the heck knows when that thing will be released, or even if I would be allotted one in the initial batch (or can even afford the darn thing). This was considered a “family” purchase since most DVDs are no longer playing; no problems convincing Tonya that this was a necessary purchase.

The new unit is amazingly slim; slightly longer than a DVD case, maybe a little wider, and about two DVD cases think. I have heard this about the unit, but did not pay attention because I did not care to get a new PS2 anytime soon. My original (day one release) PS2 made it a good five years; hopefully this one makes it longer. It seems like today’s generation of gamers expect systems to be disposable, but I have Intellivision and Colecovision systems that are still going strong. What gives?

Anyway, I have been happily playing GT4 again; fun driving game, even if the racing is beyond suspect. MVP06 is also in the rotation; as is Taito Legends. I think I am going to order WE9, after I sell WE8 (and others) to cover the cost. Speaking of which, when I was moving I realized (probably for the third or fourth time) that I have an amazing collection of un-tapped potential in my gaming library. Hopefully I will have time to play (and write about) those lost gems at some point.


2 thoughts on “PlayStation 2 Goes Kaboom”

  1. My 3 year old XBox is making some horrible noises. My Amstrad 464+ from Christmas 1991 still works fine. It’s never made any sense to me either.

    Back when I was given that Amstrad I was never any good at the coin-op conversions that were released for it. Taito Legends has proved a very useful way of reminding myself that I’m still no good at them, especially if they happen to be called Operation Wolf, but I can’t start up a game of Rainbow Islands without grinning like a Cheshire cat and after 15 years I’ve finally got around to completing Continental Circus.

    I might have to stop playing it soon, though. My 3 year old XBox is making some horrible noises.

  2. Good to hear from you Adam. It is interesting how the older gaming systems hold up much better than newer gaming system.

    Super Qix does it for me on Taito Legends; main reason I put it on my Christmas list.

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