PSP Madden 2006

I am not sure what the deal is with the game. I described some of the “system” problems in the previous post, but this game seems to be packed with all sorts of system problems. The game has turned off on me twice while trying to load (once in the online mode, and a second time when trying to play a game). The load times when trying to move between the various songs is really bad. The deal is a good 2-3 seconds when trying to move from song to song (in order to turn off everything but the NFL Films music).

I setup an online account (could not believe that jcalvert, calvertgames, calvertj, meangrean, etc where all taken) in order to download roster updates, but alas, roster updates are not currently available. That pretty much sucks since the Falcons still have Price.

When I setup my account I was told I need to allow ESPN to pay my $2 online subscription (to play on the EA Madden game servers) or I need to charge $2 to my credit card. WTF – I could care less, I just wanted to get some roster downloads (and of course there were none). So now I guess ESPN is the sponsor of my account and can email me all sorts of crap. Thanks EA – great customer service.

I have only played a quarter so I do not have much in the way of gameplay experiences to write about. I guess I am going to have spend some time trying to see if others are having some of the same system issues that I am encountering. I do not have any problems with my other games, so either Madden is a big fat turkey or my PSP is just going to have problems with this game. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come with my other PSP games.


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