PSP – Madden 2006 and Namco Museum

This week was a perfect reminder of why I shop online – I cannot find jack-crap in the local stores. I am going to London this weekend for a couple of weeks so I wanted to load up on some new games to help me pass the time (9 hour flights suck). It took a trip to Best Buy (after unsuccessful trips to Target and Circuit City) to land Madden and Namco Museum Battle Collection. I am not sure if Madden was under produced or just plain in demand, but I ended up with the last copy from Best Buy.

I also wanted to get Battlestar Galactica Season 1 on DVD, but no suck luck. Not sure what the deal with this one is; looks like I am going to have to place an order with Amazon.

I have not had much time with either new game. Namco Museum as a nice collection of classis and a few special arrangements of several games (Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga, and New Rally-X. My only comment so far is that the analog stick is either not suited for some of the games (Ms. Pac-Man and Mappy come to mind) or I just have to get a better handle on the controls. I made mistakes too many times as I went left instead of down. I will certainly post more as I have time to play.

Madden has been a no go to this point. The first time I attempted to play, the game locked up when it was trying to find a profile. Then the game would not load at all (some sort of internal error code). I finally got into a game, but it locked up during the kick off. I have not tried again.

Battery life is so bad that I am going to have to buy another if I want to be able to play for more than four hours. The stock Sony PSP battery is $44.95, which is pretty expensive to extend my playing time to 7-9 hours.

This trip is going to really test the value of my PSP and each of my games. So far only FIFA has been sold, but any game that does not receive significant playing time is going to be thrown up on eBay after my trip. If nothing else, I need to make some money to pay for Namco and Madden, and I planning to pick up some games while in London, so there is not a place for the slackers in my gaming library.


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