Very Nice

It appears that the MLS will be in FIFA Manager 06. A post by the developers in the EA Sports forum contained a link to a site with a picture from the full version of the game. An option to select the USA was on the screen. In the demo, I could choose an MLS team as my favorite and there was news from the MLS about transfers, etc.

Yet another must have game for the PC.

I’ll post more demo impressions later, but other than some oddities with the 3-D match engine, I’m liking what I see. Why can’t we make this kind of stuff for American baseball? I really enjoyed being able to talk to the press before and after the fixture. My team (Chelsea) gave up a late goal after leading 2-0 for most of the game. Sure enough, the press wanted to know what I thought about my boys giving up the goal. I had three response options (soft, hard, and harder), so I let my team know through the press that this sort of unfocused play would not be tolerated during the Johnson tenure.

The good thing about not following European football too closely is that I’m not biased one way or the other as far as realism goes. But check out the feature-rich demo and take a look for yourself.

The game is scheduled for release October 5th. I imagine this will not be released in the US, so it will have to be shipped from overseas.


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