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I decided I am going to include World of Warcraft discussion here on the good old blog. Like all addictions, WoW is something you don’t bring up in casual conversation. I wouldn’t meet someone and say, “Hey, did you know I am an alcoholic?” That’s how I kind of feel about my WoW experience to date. I play the game way too much. But I just can’t stop.


My message to the kids? Stay away. Check that, run away from anything WoW-related.

I started playing WoW around the second week it was released. I began my career as a member of the Horde. My Tauren hunter made it to level 56 before I was convinced to join the Alliance. For those unfamiliar, there are a number of different WoW servers that are their own virtual worlds. The total number of players is capped on each server. They have colorful names (I play on Bronzebeard) and server choice determines who you will be enjoying your WoW-experience with.

I am in the Shadows of Shockforce guild on Bronzebeard. We’re a relatively small group of 60 characters. Since each of us has a main character and a couple of “alts”, that translates into about 20-25 live human beings in the guild. My first 60-level character is Fwarn, a dwarf hunter. I have an alt 60-level priest (Swarn), a 34-level human mage (Thillor), and a 23-level dwarf warrior (Bwarn).

My theory is that the old ladies you see in Las Vegas sitting in front of slot machines for hours are the perfect WoW player candidates. That’s essentially what the loot system is in the game. Pull the handle (kill a monster or “boss”) and see what drops in the tray.

A sad way to spend a large portion of one’s life.


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