Cold Easter

Easter weekend brings low 30s to Columbus, GA.  What is up with the cold stuff?

Last night was Locos night, which means a good amount of Sweet Water 420, some of the best beer going down these days.  Lemon pepper wings go down great with the 420; awesome combination.  Of course the nice thing about Locos (besides the awesome beer selection, well, at least for Columbus) it has a great bar for hanging out, but it is also a good family restaurant.  My wife and kids never mind when I offer Locos up for supper.

Friday night was also, “try a different bourbon” night.  I decided to pick up some Jim Beam Black Label, at about $20, which was a little less than my normal favorite, Maker’s Mark.  Honestly I figured I was getting a cheap mixer bourbon, but I think it is fairly good for sipping.  My taste in bourbon is not refined enough to notice subtle hints of oak, vanilla, charcoal, or whatever.  I did notice that it had a decent bite, and was not as sweet as Maker’s.  I bet Chris says I am nuts or something, but in my defense I do keep Knob Creek around, but I guess I have not convinced myself that a $30 bourbon should be my every day drink.

Today is going to be “clean up the house, and throw down some more pea gravel next to the driveway” day.  My wife is going to host Easter lunch tomorrow for my family; thrills a minute.  Thankfully I have enough wine on hand to deaden the pain and suffering that is sure to follow.  I have already picked up a good 200 pounds of pea gravel at Lowes earlier this morning.  Will make for a fun afternoon.

If I do not get another post in today, Happy Easter!


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