On Grills and Killers

I just returned from a conference in Boston. Some interesting things I learned while walking to the Boston Beer Garden were (a) the Yankees are Chokers and (b) R. Kelly slept with Derek Jeter’s wife. This is what a lot of t-shirts had on them that were for sale outside of Fenway Park. So it must be true.

My new Weber Grill won’t arrive until July 6th. Oh well, no grilling for me this weekend. Such is life.

I purchased the Killers “Hot Fuss” CD right before I left for Boston. The lovely brown box was waiting for me when I got home.

Sorry Jonathan, but that was a wasted $9.99. I was reading a review of some band (Franz Ferdinand maybe?) and the comment I remembered was “if you are 30+ years old, you’ve heard this before.” That’s how I’d sum up the Killers CD.

Snow Patrol’s “Final Straw” was also in the shipment, and that is a much better retro-sound.


3 thoughts on “On Grills and Killers”

  1. Chris, I may have been just a little drunk (or something) when I said the Killers kicked ass, but I do like a few of the songs on Hot Fuss. I agree that the Killers’ sound is nothing new, but it is different compared to a lot of crap out there right now. Plus everyone knows I am a big fan of the 80s (hate to call it retro-sound), but it fits in with what I enjoy.

    You can see from the list that my music is all over the map, but I always go back to my stack of U2, REM, Prince, and Cure CDs (on my iPod now, of course) – Hot Fuse fits right in with my normal play list.

    And I really cannot wait to see how their music develops. I do not have any problems with the $9.99 I spent on their first CD.

  2. I ordered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the latest White Stripes album today. I’ve decided to keep everything CD and burn them to my Nomad. I just can’t stand the fidelity of most of the digital download services. The Killers album disappointed me as much as the loan Donnas album that I purchased. But to each his own I say :-)!

  3. Also, it may have been Sheffield’s wife that R. Kelly slept with. Can’t remember…heh, heh.

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