Sports Monday.

If you work for a living, Monday’s basically suck. Those of you lucky enough to be at home because you want to be out of work get to watch the circle boys take on Watkins Glen today at noon. This is one of my favorite courses on the Sprint Car circuit, but alas, I will be at work.

The Braves have been on a mini tear of late, winning three in a row over the Dodgers, and five of six to pull within 3.5 of the Wild Card lead. Of course every time I write about Atlanta, I more or less jinx them and they fall to pieces again.

The Falcons resume camp today, this time with a full compliment on the offensive side of the ball. I hope to goodness that the Detroit game this Saturday is televised. Nothing like watching the rookies, seeing the depth charts fill out, taking a quick look at Gonzalez, and of course seeing what former Georgia Bulldogs QB Stafford can do for the Lions.

Football officially kicked off last night with the annual Hall of Fame game. Tennessee beating Buffalo 21-18. It was preseason football, but the Statue of Liberty like trick play by Tennessee was good fun.

Happy Monday. Deal with it.


2 thoughts on “Sports Monday.”

  1. FYI – the punter who ran for the TD is from the high school my kids will go to. As a matter of fact, he was at the football camp my son went to about a month ago. I watched him play while he was here, before he became the punter at OSU. The thing is, he was an EXCELLENT high school running back. He was somewhere in the neighborhood of 6’2″ tall and about 225 lbs., and could run about a 4.5 forty-yard dash. I have no doubt that he could’ve been a stud at RB in a conference like the MAC, but I’m sure he felt kicking was his ticket to the NFL, and he’s probably right. Ironically, he scored a bunch of TD’s in HS, and not one at OSU, but on his first touch as a pro he scores a TD! That was pretty cool…

  2. Kevin – Small world. Really, what are the chances that the kid would have been in the same camp as your son, much less that they happen to share the same high school.

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