No Apologies

I have nothing better to write about right now, so how about my current iPod favorite play list (as if I am a celebrity).

  • Pump It – Black Eyed Peas
    Because I have to have some good Hip-Hop funk, and any thing on Monkey Business is a great place to start.
  • Almost – Bowling for Soup
    I like their sound, and I like their lyrics. This is more like a guilty pleasure song. I didn’t almost do anything in this song, but it is still great fun.
  • Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
    I guess I like it for the bitch factor; another fun song that is even better if you crank up the volume.
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson
    Uh … I guess this is the first pop I have picked up in a while, but this Clarkson is all right. That and my wife says my hazel eyes are green.
  • Something About You – Level 42
    Came out right smack-dab in the middle of the 80’s, and all good readers know I love me some 80’s music. “Something About You” is about as good as it gets for this era.
  • Ass Like That Eminem
    “Hilary Duff is not quite old enough so
    I ain’t never seen a butt like that
    Maybe next year I’ll say ass and she’ll make my pee pee go
    Doing, doing, doing”

    Seriously, are there better lyrics out there?

  • China Girl David Bowie
    Because a play list is just not a play list until David Bowie makes it complete. One of the top songs of all times.
  • Beverly Hills – Weezer
    Not that I care about the left coast, or the life style (OK, I admit I want a Boxter), but this song speaks volumes for why our society is so f’up.
  • Mr. Brightside – The Killers
    This group rules! I cannot wait to see how their music develops, and screw the pundits, The Killers kick ass.
  • Just a Lil bit – 50 Cent
    Because my wife likes it when I come home with a beer in my belly, and dancing to my dirty music. OK, I said too much.
  • Shut Up – Simple Plan
    I doubt anyone thinks I am into the teen anguish thing, but this one is pretty good and goes equally well with a beer or a short jog.

All comments written after partaking in the wonderful world of Red Stripe, so no need to take my ramblings very seriously, for these comments are only intended to provide chuckle or two. No apologies necessary.


3 thoughts on “No Apologies”

  1. Something that’s been bugging me since it was released over here – what exactly is this Hollaback Girl of which Gwen speaks?

    With you on The Killers and the Weez, but…the Bowie thing – while my favourite Bowie songs are The Man Who Sold The World and Life On Mars, I seem to be the only person who likes Modern Love more than the rest of his early 80’s output. Might be an illness, I don’t know.


  2. How is the Bowling for Soup CD overall? Been thinking about getting it. As a kid of the 80s it’s impossible not to like 1985 and I have enjoyed Almost the whopping three times I’ve heard it on the radio.

  3. Todd – no idea about the Bowling for Soup CD. I downloaded 1985 and Almost from the iTunes store; I really like both songs, but have not listened to anything else on the CD.

    Adam – Bowie is awsome; no apologies my friend. Hollaback Girl? No freaking idea. If you find out, please let me know.

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