Several years ago I ran an almost semi-regular column called “Reset/Reply” boy did I think that name was clever. I would review a game, and then at some later date discuss the pros and cons of that game, discuss the original review score, and if I was actually still playing the game. After all, replay value and fun factor is what it is all about. I thought Reset/Replay was a great way to discuss the longevity of games that I reviewed.

What I am writing about has nothing to do with those long lost columns. Instead last night Joshua (my eight year old son) provided me with a simple moment of laughter and brilliance all rolled into one.

I was playing Gran Turismo 3 – been playing a lot of that one lately – and Joshua was commenting on how good I was when suddenly I went into the pits by mistake. Boom! From first to worst just like that! I told Joshua that I just made a huge mistake and that I was going to come in last. He told me I was too good for that, or some such. When all of a sudden Joshua said “I never come in last in Need For Speed [Hot Pursuit for the PS2]. I always finish first! You should start over …”

So being inquisitive I ask him how he always managers to come in first. “I just reset and start over if I am not going to win.” And there you have it – Reset/Replay.

Come on, admit it. You do it, I do it; we all do it. I guess Joshua learns by example. Seriously, I admit to times where I get pissed and reset, but I do it much less these days. Because I have less time to play? Makes you think.

Kids have a remarkable ability to play and play and play and play and not get frustrated with dieing and dieing and dieing and so on. If they cannot get from spot A to spot B they just keep on plugging until it gets done. Me? I get tense and uptight and frustrated. I guess I could learn a thing or two from Joshua.

I have to admit that several years ago I would reset a game if it did not go my way, but I do that much less now. Honestly. No really. OK, maybe I am kidding myself a little. Oh, screw it, go on and Reset/Replay. It will make you feel better!


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