That’s What I Am Talking About

Texas LogoTexas just managed to pull off a hell of a comeback, beating Baylor 4 – 3 a few mins ago with a walk-off homer in the 9th, thus advancing to the championship series this weekend.

Texas has look awsome so far in the 2005 edition of the College World Series, beating Baylor 5 – 1, Tulane 5 – 0, and Baylor again tonight 4 – 3.

Hook ’em!


7 thoughts on “That’s What I Am Talking About”

  1. Go Go Gator Baseball.

    Have no clue how to do images here but hopefully the Gators will be celebrating a title this weekend.

    Man I feel for Baylor after sweeping the Longhorns in the regular season only to lose twice to the Shorthorns in the CWS. At least they can keep their chin up in Waco with the Ladies winning the Championship in basketball and getting to the CWS.

  2. LOL Brent. I cannot tell you how to do images here or I would have to put up with gator crap. :)

    Should be a great series this weekend.

  3. Well it is only the 8th inning but I will go ahead and congratulate your team on the CWS victory since they are up 4-0. :(

    PS I am hoping this will jink the Longhorns.

    If not then congrats. :)

  4. Well I should have started my bad mojo around the 6th inning since Florida was able to get a couple runs. Only one win away from winning it all.:(

    I prefered it when they only played one game to decide the champion. In the afternoon and on national TV. Oh how I miss the good ol days. Like in 94 when a scrappy OU squad beat Ga Tech to win it’s 2nd National Title in baseball.

    Sorry had to throw that in. :)

  5. Brent – Texas looked great last night, with the exception of the 8th inning.

    I liked the old format better, but I guess this new 2/3 thing makes sense. Last year Texas did not have 4 quality SPs, and they paid for it in the Championship Series. This year, Texas developed a 4th starter (the freshman pitched 7 great innings last night); hope that makes all the difference this year.

    I hope Texas wins today because (A) I can watch the game today (B) I doubt I will be able to see the whole thing if it goes to Monday night.

  6. Well you got your wish. Congrats and enjoy!

    I knew Texas had plenty of pitching when they shut out OU the first two games, including the no-no.

    Here is a nice little picture for the site to celebrate your victory.

    Up Next:That rivalry game in the Cotton Bowl. This year Texas will be the big favorite going in. The pressure had better be on Mack to win it this year.
    PS… What do you think about Texas Tech wanting to move their home game against A&M to Dallas? A&M still keeps their home game. They spend millions to renovate Jones stadium.

    The logical reply from on editor

    The guy who seems to be confused about what team he is covering. Forgetting that they moved the A&M/Tech game to 9PM just to get it on ESPN. Yea that’s a sign the game will be big outside of Texas.

    Also they are pulling a Kansas St with their pre-season schedule. Cupcakes laugh at how weak these team are.

    Florida International (First Year in DIV 1-A and on probation to boot)
    Sam Houston St (DIV 1-AA)
    and Indiana St (DIV 1-AA)

    All at home. I mean your North Texas Eagles take on LSU and Kansas St.

    Sorry to go off on a rant, helps me forget that UT won a title and I am excited for football to start up.

  7. Brent – too much going on right now to post something long, but thanks for the congrats. :)

    How can Texas be the favorite in the Red River game? It pains me in the same way that UGA has a hell of a hard time with the Gators in Jacksonville. I just do not see Mack and the boys getting it done this year, but of course I would love to be wrong!

    Interesting links about Tech/A&M – I can understand why Tech would move the game to make more money, but I honestly do not see much excitement outside of Texas (with casual fans).

    North Texas has to take the money, so they will continue to take it on the chin outside the conference, and then continue to own the Sunbelt.

    Nice rant – I cannot wait for come college football action to start!

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