A Quick Look Forward to the NFC and AFC Championship Games

The early odds are in, with both home teams listed as early favorites. Colts are -7.5 while the Saints are -4.5. This year the home teams are 5-2; exceptions being the Ravens (over the Pats) and the Jets (over the Bengals and Chargers).

I am not sure who I like yet, but will be pulling for the Vikings over the Saints. I have not decided yet between the Colts and Jets.

I think it is funny that there is some “controversy” surrounding the late TD that the Vikings inflicted on Dallas. The only one that seems to give a crap is former Falcons LB Keith Brooking. Early in the broadcast, it was mentioned that Brooking was the emotional leader of the Cowboys. They may want to reconsider that for next year’s run to glory.


Quick Edit (within ten minutes after the original post): I found this bit on Brooking from Jeff Schultz of the ajc.com:

If Brooking was this demonstrative and as great an emotional leader in his last few seasons with the Falcons as he is now with the Dallas Cowboys, would the Falcons have tried a little harder to keep him?

This was the point I was being sarcastic about in my closing sentence. Brooking never showed this sort of emotion in ATL; not that it matters because his antics did not make the loss any less significant for the Cowboys.


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