Stuff that makes you (or rather me) drink …

I am not sure why, but sometimes I find rather mundane things humorous. For instance a couple of nights ago I posted about the new Miller Lite “raining beer” commercial. On the side nav referral today, to what did my wonder eyes appear? On a Google search referral “raining beer commercial” shows CG 2nd from the top; for some reason I find that rather amusing. Try “miller commercial raining beer” which also put CG in the Top 5. Funny stuff.

CG, we are all about the beer.


One thought on “Stuff that makes you (or rather me) drink …”

  1. I have been searching high and low for a dang link so I can show some co-workers that video. Anyone know of one? All I’ve found is a site that makes you register for ~$90 to be able to view clips. It was so great I want to watch again >< help!

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