Bryant Puts His Trust in Buss

I absolutely hate what has happened to sports – in all but a few cases, the athletes run the show. I am not naive to the point where I do not understand what is going on in today’s sports culture, but that does not mean I have to like it.

Everyone knows about the love triangle between Kobe, Shaquille, and Uncle Phil, so I will not elaborate. Instead I want to focus on the ridiculousness surrounding the return of Phil Jackson to the Lakers. Take this gem of a quote from Kobe Bryant:

“When the Lakers began the search for a new head coach, I put my complete trust in Dr. Buss and (general manager) Mitch Kupchak to select the person they thought was best for the Lakers’ organization,” Bryant said. “In Phil Jackson, they chose a proven winner. That is something I support.”

Who gives a flying flip what Bryant thinks about the search for a new head coach? And what if Kobe did not put his complete trust in the head brass? What then? A trade demand maybe? I am so sick and tired of all the cry baby athletes that are paraded around by the media as if we actually care about their opinions. I know I do not, which means that I have already written too much about Kobe.


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