I’m Baaaack!

I’m baaack in the saddle again! Johnson command HQ successfully transferred from Gainesville, FL to College Station, Texas this past week. Spent roughly two weeks waiting for Verizon to set up my DSL service, but as any addict knows, those Jones’ will get you every time.

So now I am completely back within the evil Cox empire.

Long time readers of my old blog remember what is now known as the Cox Wars around my house. I switched to DirecTV, Bell South DSL, and was happy as a clam. Moving to Texas changed all of that. But imagine my horror when I saw my first Cox Cable truck in College Station and screamed “Oh the Humanity!”

I placed my DSL order with Verizon on May 20th. My “service ready” date was/is June 14th. I thought I could maintain my cool and just rely on work access, but I finally cracked this morning. Cox had me up and running at 5MB down in a manner of minutes. Will box up my DSL supplies and ship them back to Verizon in the AM.

Lots to chat about, but I must visit all of my long neglected favorite sites this evening. Not to mention my poor neglected World of Warcraft characters.


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  1. Chris, glad you are back and survived the move. I am a Horns fan, but I still wish you nothing but the best with the new job!

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