USA – Costa Rica (Spoilers Aplenty)

Spoilers be damned, the USA just played a polar opposite game compared to the recent USA England debacle. Team USA looked damn impressive tonight with a 3-nil victory. A few quick comments are in order:

  • Donovan was all over the place, and looked fantastic putting two in the net.

  • Kasey Keller was extremely impressive guarding the net. He made several impressive stops, including an unbelievable reach behind the back stop.

  • DaMarcus Beasley was back in action (after missing time with an injury), and he got the living shit kicked out of him 2-3 different times. Really nasty stuff on the part of Costa Rica.
  • Kevin’s boy McBride collected a stay ball into the net to give the USA their third and final goal.

  • All in all a nice performance, and I think it puts the US at the top of the table (for at least a day anyway).


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    1. Don’t forget McBride’s dazzling diving header to set up Donovan’s second goal! I’m hoping the USA makes the World Cup (which I think they will), and McBride rides out in a blaze of glory (odds are long, but not unfathomable).


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