NASCAR and Brand Loyalty

As I find myself drinking some Miller Lite this afternoon, I wonder how many Rusty Wallace fans will only drink Miller Lite (today and tomorrow and the next day) when they have a cold one. I doubt I will find myself pulling for Rusty this afternoon, but I think I may have a second Lite for good measure.

I have read all sorts of articles and surveys about NASCAR and brand loyalty, and I guess I just do not get it (whatever “it” happens to be). Home Depot or Lowes? I actually like Stewart and Johnson, so that is not that big of a decision for me; whichever is closer and has the better deal. I doubt my wife has any idea who drives the Target car, and we all know women love to shop at Target. Awesome Bill and McDonalds was one I could swallow back in the day, but what about Jeff Gordon and DuPont? I guess that is why he does the Pepsi thing, and while I do like Gordon, it is Coke for me unless I need to do the Dew.

I guess I am the preverbal monkey wrench that messes up those marketing statistics. Racing fan, yes, but a NASCAR dad I am not.


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