Finally, a Day Off

For the first time in nearly 10 weeks, I actually do not have to work at the soccer fields on Saturday and Sunday. I know, “cry me a river.”

On top of that, my wife and kids will be at a scout outing all day, so I’m going to be a “bachelor” for almost all of Saturday! I have so much that I want to do, I don’t know where to start!

I literally haven’t touched my Xbox in probably 8 weeks. Partially because I had to replace it (blah!), and mostly because I just haven’t made the time to play it. I haven’t bought a new game in a while, but I think I can amuse myself by rediscovering the many games I’ve hardly played. I’m looking forward to a baseball/soccer blowout, spending time with MVP 2005, ASB 2004, FIFA 2005, WE 8, and ESPN MLS Extra Time. I’ve got a lot of franchises to work on! If the mood strikes me, I may even pop in my son’s Pitfall game for a little while. I’m not a huge adventure gamer, and this not-so-hardcore title might provide a little nostalgic entertaiment.

Of course, I could just actually decide to watch an entire ball game or two from beginning to end. What’s that like?! Lately, I basically get all of my sports fill from the ‘net. I probably won’t have the patience to watch an entire game without getting fidgety, LOL…

Regardless, I’m looking forward to having no responsibilities tomorrow. It’s appropriate that my kids’ summer vacation started today, because tomorrow will no doubt harken me back to what it was like on summer break when I was a youngin’. I may not even shower… (is that too much information?).


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