Santa Take 1 (GameCube Game Boy Player)

I am going to try to write some Christmas gaming recaps over the next several days. I figured I would start off with the GameCube Game Boy Player that Joshua got for Christmas. I figured Joshua would enjoy playing some of his games in full screen glory, but I also kind of guessed that dear old dad would get a kick out of not straining his poor old eyes.

For 50 duckets, let me tell you that this thing is a great investment. In all my time reviewing games I was never able to do screen captures for my Game Boy reviews, but now I can … if I ever decide to review again.

I think the device has been out for a year and a half (maybe even two years or longer). I never figured I would get one because I just do not have that much time to play games, and when I do I want to play other games than the portable type. My Game Boy is pretty much exclusive to traveling and my in-laws house. This handy-dandy device changes everything.

It is fairly easy to setup. You just remove the external connector on the bottom of the GameCube, put the Game Boy Player in the slot, and screw in two screws (to lock the device in place). I have one of the purple (or indigo or whatever) GameCubes, but the Game Boy Player is black. Not that big of a deal, but I guess it is not that ecstatically pleasing if that sort of thing matters to you.

After connecting the device to your GameCube, you pop in the included player disk, slide in a cartridge, and let Nintendo do its magic – your tiny little Game Boy games magically appear in full screen glory on your TV.

Wow! What a difference it makes to play Qix! in full-screen goodness. Joshua got a kick out of playing his Kirby games on TV. Not only that, but you can use the wonderful WaveBird controller instead of the tiny little Game Boy setup. Delicious!

I can easily see myself buying a second GameCube (just in case) once the price drops below the current $99.99 price point just to have a way to play all these classic games on TV.

We have not put in very many games, but the fact that the Game Boy Player works with an older game such as Qix! and the newer Kirby Mirror game bodes well for its effectiveness.

Very highly recommended!



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