Weekend Updated

I made it back from the Gulf Coast today! Nothing like a trip to the Redneck Riviera to get my batteries recharged! Fun in the sun, good food, great weather, beer (lots of it), baby sitters (thanks mom!), quality time with the wife and kids, and more beer (really, lots of it). Wow, life is good!

It always sucks to get back from vacation and find a mailbox full of spam and other unwanted junk mail. I dread checking the email at work, so I think I will not think about that for a few days.

Looks like the bots have been spamming the site again – sorry about that. I just spent 30 or so minutes cleaning up the mess. I guess it is about time that I upgrade the site again to try to get a more sophisticated spam bot killer. Maybe in the next day or two … maybe.

While spending some quality shopping time at the Panama City Beach Wal-Mart I noticed that many of the PSP value pack add-ins (power adaptor, cloth cover, head phones, etc) where for sale. That should give us a strong indicator that Sony is getting ready to push out a batch of non-value pack PSP units; I would guess a MSRP of $199, but I guess they could still push the envelope a little higher and see what they can get for the hardware.

Speaking of the PSP, I finally got a screen cover at the PC Wal-Mart. More on this later this weekend. I also leaned that unlike the GBA, which looks great in bright sunlight, the PSP sucks in the sun. I was very disappointed that I could not play my PSP more in the bright FL sunshine.

For those of you still reading, I plan to post more in the next few days, so stay tuned for actual updates. As shocking as it sounds, I am ready to write again. Finally!

I will end this post by thanking all those who have defended our great country by serving in the US armed forced – a special Memorial Day thank you from your humble host!


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