The Night the Lights Went Out in Columbus

Last Wednesday night was a heck of a storm. Something like 20K people lost power. We lost power for a good 23 hours, which was really not that big of a deal except for missing out on all the E3 coverage. I guess I will have to play catch up this weekend to see if Sony presented anything worth while, and if the Wii is going to be a nice little system.

I am so shocked at the PS3 price point that I looked at 360s yesterday and this morning. I have no problem with a $400 price point (especially compared to the arm + leg that Sony is going to charge for the PS3), but I just did not see anything that I *had* to have on the 360. PGR4 and maybe the Elder Scrolls game (not sure what it is called) looked interesting, but not overly so compared to my massive PSX/PS2 library.

I almost picked up a 360 for FFXI, which I never considered on the PS2 because I knew it would not be supported. With the 360 I know that will not be the case because Live is there from the get go. Speaking of which, I still have a hard time justifying $60 for Live, but I am still a solo gamer. Maybe at some point I will be converted (or should I say de-converted?).

I am sure I will keep window shopping, but as of right now I am not ready to leap out and grab a 360.


4 thoughts on “The Night the Lights Went Out in Columbus”

  1. JC

    There are many good reasons to pick up a 360.

    A port of a 3yr old PC game that ranks as one of the most boring MMOs ever probably wouldn’t top my list.

  2. JC

    At this point, tbh, I would be going for…

    NBA 2k6

    And a big up for the other stuff – XBL, marketplace demos etc.

    I think the next 12 months will see it blossom, after all, they are already starting to port RTS’s onto it (BFME II).

  3. Dave – I guess the real point was that those were the only two games that I saw that looked interesting *and* different from what I could get for my PS2. I should have done a better job of pointing out that fact. FFXI is interesting only from the point of view that I figure it will be better supported on the Xbox.

    I have read good things about XBL, but I do not like the $60 price point. I also hate the idea of having to pay for bonus material. Not sure if MS is doing this yet, but I have read it is coming (sure Sony will follow).

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