Pelican Face Armor & Disk Jackets (PSP)

In my quest for the perfect PSP protection I decided to pick up Pelican’s product for $9.99. What do you get? A block glossy finished plastic cover that screws into the back side of your PSP. The inside of the cover has a felt cover to protect your precious PSP screen. You also get 4 plastic covers/cases for your UMD disk.

The plastic cover looks nice, but feels flimsy around the hinges. In addition, the two screws make the PSP two wide to comfortably fit into the cloth stock PSP carry case.

Ultimately I paid $9.99 for something that will not truly protect the screen it just covers the screen when I am not playing. I think I need to get some sort of plastic screen cover for protection, but they are sold out everyone in town. If I do not find anything better, then I guess this will have to do, but I imagine that it will be included with an extra with a PSP game on eBay at some point in the future.



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