PSP Review – Gaming = Good; Multimedia = Bad has an interesting PSP review. You may have to register with the site to see the review:

“If you get a PSP, do yourself a favor and stick to the games. If you also want to listen to music and view your pictures, just get an iPod Photo or another music-plus-photos player. What if you don’t want to carry around two expensive gadgets all the time? Then you’ve got a problem — and so does Sony, until it revisits the PSP’s multimedia software.”

I am going to be in this boat. I will soon carry around my cell phone, my iPod Photo, my GBA, and my PSP on various trips. I wanted the PSP for the games, not the other stuff, so no big deal.

There is also a separate article that covers some basic reviews of the games. Nothing to write home about, but it is always interesting to see what the mainstream has to say about games.

“On the sports front, Sony offers MLB, NBA, Gretzky NHL and World Tour Soccer. NBA is our favorite of those four; not only does it look extraordinary, it offers some creative added features, such as a set of three mini-games that let you work on particular skills. World Championship Soccer, however, was the worst of this bunch, on account of its stiff animations and repetitive commentary. MLB, NBA and Gretzky NHL can all be played online as well as over local “ad hoc” wireless networks, but World Tour Soccer only allows local competition.”

Too bad about WTS – I have read similar unflattering previews about the game, so I decided to go with FIFA to meet my PSP soccer gaming needs. I hope to try WTS fairly soon after launch, if I can find it on the cheap (eBay) or for rent.


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