Sony is not in business of writing checks for exclusives.

Sony PlayStation LogoWe know that Sony has lost exclusive titles left and right. Why? There has been lots of theories and conjectures, but until now it was just that; speculation. Thanks to gizmodo we know that Sony is not in business to write checks for exclusives

This, as we learned from Sony’s Jack Tretton, is because they’re “not in the business of writing checks for exclusives.” Jack goes on to explain quite logically that in this day and age, it’s just much more profitable for game publishers to put their titles on as many consoles as possible, and companies would have to throw out some big chunks of money to convince them otherwise. The kind of money Microsoft has been doling out.

That may explain why Metal Gear Solid 4 is the last standing (for now) exclusive, and it explains why Sony keeps harping on its first party exclusives.

For my money, I have assumed a couple of things have happened. First, games are just so damn expensive that third party developers (and publishers) have to go multiplatform in order to recover development costs and to reach the largest possible audience. Second, Microsoft is throwing dump trucks of money at developers, which is something that I can only assume that Sony did in the past with third party exclusive titles on the PlayStation and PS2.


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