2010 Atlanta Falcons Schedule Littered with Playoff Teams

Any diehard Falcons fan and even those not so close to the organization, know that the Falcons had a brutal schedule this year. That was the reward for landing a Wildcard spot, going 11-5 in the process. The Falcons remarkably harsh schedule featured 4 teams getting ALT after their bye week.

It is too soon to tell if the Falcons will get hosed again in 2010 with unfavorable bye dates, but it is not too soon to take a sneak peak at their schedule (thanks to J.Mike’s Missives – “official” Falcons blog). Home dates will include the following 2009 Playoff teams: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Arizona, New Orleans, and Green Bay. The road schedule will feature Pittsburgh (oh so close), a return visit to New Orleans, and Philadelphia.

I call that pretty harsh. Now consider that San Francisco is up and coming, and four games against division rivals Carolina (they will be improved) and Tampa Bay (up and coming … but maybe a couple of years away). The only “easy” games may be Cleveland, Seattle, and St. Louis, but all are road games.

The 2010 Atlanta Falcons schedule will be good for fans, but suck for the Falcons chances to make the Playoffs. Of course anything can happen, and we are still months away from seeing the Falcons back in action.


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