SEC Bowling

OK, so I am waiting until the last possible minute to post SEC Bowl predictions. Actually I am just inside of 4 hours before the Tide starts Rolling, Rolling, Rolling over the Gophers in the Music City Bowl.

Music City Bowl: Alabama vs. Minnesota
No really, Alabama will win a hard fought battle against a gritty Big 10 opponent, but at the end of the day defense matters and Gophers will find that the Tide has way too much. I am looking at under 20 points for both teams.

Peach Bowl: Miami vs. Florida
I am an SEC homer and all that, but I am afraid the Gators will find that the Hurricanes are no push over. The truth of the matter is that the Gators are loaded, and of course the Hurricanes are too, but the level of talent that Miami is pulling in is not quite the same as the days of Butch.

The Georgia Dome is going to be rocking under the offensive fire works display by Florida as they put up 33+ points on a Miami defense that has averaged just fewer than 18 per game. Miami’s offense will also respond, but will it be enough?

On a whim I am going to say that Florida manages to restore some pride and send Miami into an ACC tailspin for the 2005 season.

Did I really just call for 60+ total points? Damn, I did.

Cotton Bowl: Tennessee vs. Texas A&M
Uh, does Tennessee have a QB for this one? If they do not they are going to be in for a hurting in Dallas. There is going to be an overwhelming home field advantage for the Aggies of A&M, but does home field junk really matter all that much when it comes to bowl games?

Let us look at it this way. Tennessee has lost to the Tigers from Auburn twice. Yes, those same Tigers that went undefeated, and won the SEC, and got snubbed from playing for the mythical National Championship. No shame in that. Now the Irish thing is a different story, but Tennessee was down to someone like me playing QB. They had excuses.

We could forgive the Aggies for losses against Utah and Oklahoma, and instate rival Texas, but Baylor? You have to be kidding me. Other than that, did the rest of their schedule matter? Come on, Wyoming, Clemson, K. State, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, Colorado, and Texas Tech? OK, some is wrong here Texas Tech is actually respectable, but the rest of Big 12 was really down this year.

I still think the best the SEC has to offer is better than the best the Big 12 has to offer, and A&M stumbled with a 1-3 mark in their last four games.

Any other day of the week I would say Tennessee wins, but because of the QB situation (do they actually have one to suit up for this game) I am going to say A&M in a closely contested battle. Both teams score in the 20-24 point range. So look for under 50 in this one.

Capital One Bowl: LSU vs. Iowa
LSU has a very nice defense, and they have a balanced offensive attack. Iowa’s defense is also solid, but they cannot run. Who ever heard of a Big 10 team that could not pound it on the ground?

I could say that homer thing again and just call LSU, but those guys in the Bayou are all kinds of pissed at their coach up and dropping them like a five pound bag of cow crap. I am going to call this one for Iowa, surprisingly by 10 or so points.

Sugar Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Auburn
No contest. The Tigers were screwed by the BCS and the Hokies will pay the price.

Auburn will run and pass their way to a 13+ point win by racking up 30+ for the game. Really, it will not be a contest in this massive mismatch.

For those that do not know, I am a huge Georgia fan, and I live about 45 miles from the Auburn campus. I do not like the Tigers – seriously, all those Tiger fans in Columbus are rather bothersome. Still, I give them their due – they are the best team in the country this year.

Outback Bowl: Georgia vs. Wisconsin
This could be an interesting game, but Georgia’s defense is too damn good to let me down. The Badgers may have a nice rushing game (they average 170 per game), but Georgia will stop that cold forcing Wisconsin to put it up, which will give the game to the Dawgs.

Greene and Pollack look to go out big, and they will not let themselves down, much less their coach, their team, and their fans.

Wisconsin ran the table early, but lost their last two games by 50 some odd points combined. Not so hot. Georgia will put up 27 and the Badgers will struggle to reach 17.

Go Dawgs! Go!


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