PSP Update

Still no word from or the local ebgames about my preorders. I have no idea if I am going to get 0, 1, or 2 PSPs at launch, but there may be some good news from

Your choice of any four games, accessories or a combination thereof, from a select list of launch games and accessories. These games and accessories are priced between $29.99-149.99 each.

If I have to have a bundle, I would much rather get games than be forced to get an accessory. With that said, 4 games is a hell of a lot to have to buy at launch. I suppose I will end up with three and some sort of memory stick.


2 thoughts on “PSP Update”

  1. They’ve been reporting the past day or two that Sony aims to have 1 million for launch.

    Then they plan to resupply the stores at the beginning of April, just a week after launch day. Of course, it would be that date in April…

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