World of Warcraft Cold Turkey

I recently returned from a house hunting trip to College Station, Texas. During that time, I didn’t play one minute of World of Warcraft. I must say that it was much more difficult than I thought it would be to simply miss a “few” days. I kept thinking to myself, “You know, that Intel graphics card in my Dell laptop might just be able to handle WoW over the free Marriott DSL connection.”

And since I didn’t actually have the WoW discs with me, I thought, “You can always use a second copy of WoW.”

Bringing your wife along on these trips crushes any gaming on the road fantasies you might have. I may be able to get away with hours of bliss in the den fortress of solitude in my house, but I can’t run and I can’t hide in a hotel suite.

I fired up WoW when I returned home, killed a few alpha wolves and stags, and my world was back in order.


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