Console sales trends?

Wii vs. 360 vs. PS3 Jan 2008Lies. Damn lies. Statistics. Regular readers know that I have a PS3, but no 360, so it probably naturally comes across as a somewhat Sony biased site. I am sure it would be the same if I had a 360 and no PS3. I also have a Wii (really it is mostly for the kids), so I guess that makes me anti-Microsoft.

Not really my intentions, but I am sure that is the way things come across. The Xbox never captivated me, and the same goes for the 360.  I guess that does make me a Sony homer of sorts, but I digress.

What do the latest numbers from tell us?

“Sony sold 405,500 PS3s, compared to 219,800 Xbox 360s but still has a long way to go before it catches up with the Wii, which sold 666,700 systems last month.

It’s the second month that the PS3 has stayed ahead of the Xbox 360.

Sony still has a long way to go before it beats Nintendo. The Nintendo Wii has now become the best-selling console among its peers, with 10.9 million units sold year-to-date in the U.S.”

It is interesting that the PS3 has managed to outpace the 360 two months in a row. May can be attributed to GTA IV; even if more units were sold on the 360, the franchise is traditionally associated with Sony. June is squarely on Metal Gear Solid 4: Gun of The Patriots, which is currently a PS3 exclusive.

“Sony is making concerted efforts to regain its footing. Earlier this week, it shaved $100 off the price of the PS3. Sony said the 80-gigabyte version of the PS3 will retail at $400, down from $500, while discontinuing the 40-GB version of the console.

Microsoft also dropped $50 off the price of the Xbox 360 and said the basic 20-GB model of the console will retail at $299.”

Summer is typically slow for moving videogames, and I assume the same games for systems. If the PS3 remains in front of the 360 for three months in a row some sort of trend may be at work. Until then, Nintendo and their Wii continues to kick Microsoft and Sony in their collective nuts. Think Sony needs to get Jesse on the payroll to take care of business?


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