Promises, Promises, Promises – Who Needs Them Anyway?

Happy New Year one and all! Welcome to 2005 – the year of the gamer!

Any resolutions for this gamer? Heck no! I have always thought New Year resolutions were a wee bit silly. I mean, why make them in the first place? If you need to loose 10 pounds, why wait until January 1st to start? If you are smoking, why not break the habit Labor Day weekend? Maybe I just do not get it.

In the South we eat black-eye peas and collards (greens) to bring us good fortune through out the New Year. I cannot stand collards, but I remember that my grandmother used to love them and was always disappointed if we did not eat them to start off the New Year. Tonya is fixing a big ‘ol pot of the peas, but thankfully no collards. Hopefully the prosperity thing will happen; keeping my fingers crossed.

OK, if I have to make some resolutions to keep this article somewhat interesting, I will resolve to do the following:

  • Finish Champions of Norrath (currently at the start of Act IV)

  • Continue to make progress in Gran Turismo 3 (currently around 23%)

  • Actually play games that I purchase instead of letting them collect dust

  • Sale games on eBay that are currently collecting dust

  • Better restore the Hawks to glory in NBA Live 2005 … since, ah, it is collecting dust

  • Get a launch day PSP, take a day off, and write tons of comments about the new portable, its games, and my impressions. Glory days!

  • Finish GTA: Vice City

  • Finish GTA III

  • Continue to make progress in GTA San Andreas since the previous two will never happen

  • Defeat Sin thus completing Final Fantasy X (currently leveling up to fight Sin)

  • Post regular updates to this blog

  • Maintain a regular exercise program so I do not get fat and lazy while accomplishing the above.

So there you have it. I have made some stinking promises, and like the rest of you, there is no way in hell that I will actually keep *all* my promises. I guess promises were made to be broken …


7 thoughts on “Promises, Promises, Promises – Who Needs Them Anyway?”

  1. LOL – Are you making fun of my blog?!

    Those are great resolutions for gamers… Now, if I could eliminate the need for sleep, win the lottery, or create more hours in a day, I might be able to keep some of those! :-)


  2. LOL Kevin the titles are purely coincidental I suppose, so no, I actually was not making fun of your site, but I wonder if subliminally I spoofed your title from a couple of days ago. Shame on me if my creativity was stolen from your site!

    Seriously, the blame goes to the memory of my grandmother, those black-eyed peas that Tonya cooked, and a Money magazine (Jan 2005) article about resolutions that I read earlier today.

    BTW, the black-eyed peas (with the help of some great egg/onion salad topping) were wonderful!

  3. LOL- a post about "promises" on New Year’s is hardly creativity. I just thought it was funny that you poked fun at trying to make and keep resolutions, and that was the very thing I was doing!

    Not that I’d take offense even if you were poking fun at it. It is a pretty silly reason to try to change, for sure. We’ll see if it’s enough of an impetus for me to change.

    I hope you had a Happy New Year!

  4. I thought I was the only one to own GTA III and Vice City and not put any time into either. I can actually use about 7-8 of your 12 resolutions for myself :)

    The only thing I would add is to watch about 25 DVDs that I haven’t had the time to watch yet. I bought the Back to the Future Trilogy 2 years ago and still haven’t watched it yet.

  5. Jason – I actually made it about 60% through GTA III and maybe 50% through Vice City. It was not because I did not like them – I guess I have ADD or something. I just get distracted and do not have enough time and so on … well, you get the picture.

    Funny think about the Back to the Future Trilogy – I also got that when it came out, but have yet to watch it!

    Sounds like we are in the same boat!

  6. LOL, you may be on to something with the ADD thing. There are games that I love but I just can’t force myself to put alot of time into them.

  7. I actually did pretty good today attacking my list – I put in some time with Norrath, and some time with Joshua in our saved game of Norrath (just defeated the queen ant in gnome world).

    I also put in some time with Gran Turismo 3. I even pulled out a game that was collecting dust – Twisted Metal Black, which is still a very cool game.

    Finally, I am trying to decide if I should sale NFL 2K5 and NBA Live 2005; both are collecting dust.

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