SEC Roundup (Week 9)

Yesterday was a horrible day for the Dawgs (41-17 loss to the Gators) and for my picks. I only had three wins; if you want to call them that – Arkansas (just .5 shy of covering the 36.5), Vanderbilt (it sucks that I had to pick Georgia Tech), and of course Florida (I picked this one to be 33-17 so I was pretty damn close). My four losses included Mississippi (what a serious let down), LSU (I really thought they would save some for Bama), Kentucky (I almost picked Mississippi St), and South Carolina (looks like Tennessee has their grove on).

After a disastrous weekend of predictions, my record on the year is now 32-26. I was hopeful of going 4-3, so 3-4 was a letdown, as my record creeps ever so close back to .500 on the season. I am glad I am playing with funny money and not betting the mortgage.

I am not even sure what to say about Georgia. I expected them to lose, but coming out in black helmets and black pants was not going to save the day. I wonder if the Dawgs are going to try their best to become Bowl eligible. They are sitting at 4-4, looking at home dates vs. Tennessee Tech, Auburn, and Kentucky, followed by a short trip to end the season against the soon to be Top 10 ranked Bumble Bees. Things are not going to be pretty; a Bowl date at this point would be one of the petty, meaningless Bowls that only matter for practice time. Lord knows the Dawgs need practice time, but at this point practice is not going to help Cox. Where is the QB of the future? I think it is a terrible mistake not to get another QB more playing time. If the season is lost (and for all intents and purposes it is lost) then please get next year’s starter some playing experience.

The only solace for me this year is that Texas is playing well, and they are in the driver’s seat to land the non SEC half of the BCS title game. Hook ‘em!


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