Less Static, Less Updates, Less Stuffs

Updates have been pretty sparse of late, but unlike past attempts at running Calvert Games I am not stressing. And why should I? Damned if I know, but when things were much more gaming oriented I would stress if updates were not timely, reviews were not long enough, and content was not flowing.

That was then, this is now.

Hopefully I will actually get some time to play and to write, but play time has been pretty limited of late. I got NBA Live 2005 on release date when I was in the UK, but have yet to play it, much less open the wrapper. A few days ago I got FIFA 2005, but I had company in town, so once again, wrappers remain unopened. Maybe today after the Georgia game.

Speaking of which, this is another week without an SEC update. I may do a recap despite not making any predictions. Free time of late has been limited, so I have to pick my spots.

The Falcons looked pretty pathetic last week, which was a surprise. I did not expect them to be world-beaters game in and game out, but I did not expect them to suck eggs against the Lions. Too bad I have wasted my season ticket this year, only attending a single preseason game. Easy come, easy go. Something like that.

Can someone please explain to me why the NFL has its collective head up its collective ass? The whole Pat Tillman flat is completely ridiculous, and stinks a nasty corporate world stench. It is simply ridiculous that Jake Plummer is not allowed to honor his former teammate by wearing a #40 sticker on the back of his helmet. I understand that the NFL has to have dress code rules, and I understand that the Cardinals are wearing the stickers the entire year, and I understand that the entire NFL wore the stickers a few weeks ago. Fine and dandy, but why not let former teammates wear the sticker regardless of their team affiliation? It is just freaking ridiculous, and despite the compromised reached earlier this week (not going to go into details here) the NFL has become too corporate for its britches. Too bad.

Despite the lack of updates, I still have plenty to say; I just have to find the time to speak my fill. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and hopefully, with a bit of luck, I can get back on my high horse and ride again.


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