Sad, Sad Day

Finally back in the saddle, but have company in town so once again no SEC updates.

I am bitterly disappointed about the UGA/Tennessee game. I did not expect the Dawgs to go undefeated, but I certainly did not expect GA to take it right on the chin from the Volunteers.

How disappointing. UGA got beat in every single facet of the game. I have not seen very many good old fashion wood shed beatings in the Richt era, but yesterday way pretty nasty.

Oh well, there is always the Falcons going 5-0 against the Lions today. Hopefully.

NBA Live 2005 arrived while I was in the UK; hope to get some time with it soon.

More updates forthcoming.


One thought on “Sad, Sad Day”

  1. Not a great sports weekend for me…

    Bulldogs – lost
    Falcons – lost
    Braves on Saturday – lost

    Braves on Sunday – won!

    I’m hitting .250 *sigh* There go my Bulldog national championship hopes I do believe…

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