Out With the Old … Addiction, Collector, Poor Judgement

Back in the day I had a major addiction to buying games. I would buy pretty much everything that came out, just because I could – ah, the days before two kids and law school payments. It was a time of innocence; a time of stupidity.

Packing up stuff for my upcoming move (hopefully any week now) I realize just how stupid I was. Yes, I was addicted; I do not use that term loosely. I actually *had* to have every game. I “collected” games. I got a rush from *buying* games. I assume that is what happens to folks that have to take a nic break, or have to have a drink, or whatever goes with the vice. Believe it or not there was a time when I owned every PlayStation title on the market – we are talking about 175+ games (at the time). Wow!

I have since got over my addiction, but I still show some signs of stupidity. The latest version of FootBall Manager. Had to have it. Preordered it. Have yet to play it, much less load it on my laptop. I will chalk that one up to poor timing.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. As I am packing up stuff, I realized that I have many games that I have never played, and I doubt I will ever have time to play. Sure I am keeping some of the stuff (some classics for a rainy day), but for now a lot of games have to go – to help pay off this massive house renovation or something to that effect.

I have the following junk, err games, on eBay right now (43 or so hours left): Porsche Challenge, NFS Porsche Unleashed, Jumping Flash! 2, TOCA Championship Racing, TOCA 2, Nanotek Warrior, RPG Maker, Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III, and PaRappa the Rapper all for the original PlayStation. I also decided that I could live with my 2005 version of Madden, so Madden 2006 for the PS2 is for sale. For the collectors out there, everything is pretty much brand new, some with the actual shrinkwrap (that addiction thing).

For what it is worth, I actually got my money’s worth from Porsche Challenge and both TOCA games. Nanotek Warrior, Porsche Unleashed, and PaRappa all received plenty of play time, but hard to say I actually got my money’s worth. Madden 2006 was a waste of money – I never really found the time to get into it the way I should have. As for Jumping Flash! 2, RPG Maker and the Tomb Raider games – never played and all except Tomb Raider II are still in the shrinkwrap. About six months ago I opened Tomb Raider II with the intent of playing it, but alas, I never got around to it. Maybe if it does not sale. Maybe.

For those wonder, Jumping Flash was a great game, so I naturally had to get the follow-up, but I never got around to finding out. I assume I can be plenty happy by just holding on to Jumping Flash.

I used to say that gaming was my vice, but I guess it was also a financial vice in a very big way. This is just a very small round of games that all cost $39-49 a pop. I doubt I will recover 10% of the original value. That should say something to all you would be collectors!


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