Bombs Away

Wow – it truly is a different world over here in the UK. Forget the beer – that is good and all, but I just got the heck frightened out me. I thought we were under attack; air raid or something.

Freaking fireworks display at 10:15PM BST on the Thames River. Good Lord! I thought the hotel was being bombed. Freaking crazy stuff … besides making it hard to hear the UGA game via internet, this type of thing should not be done without advance warning! Seriously, I am not exaggerating; that was some loud fireworks. WTF were they for? Just for a weekend show?

Other than the fireworks, the UK has been pretty cool. The beer is wet, and the tube is a pretty cool way to travel about the city. My iPod helps me fit in; I just plug it in, turn it up, and do some serious people watching. Meaning no disrespect, it is just a lot different over here. The women love to show off some bellybuttons – regardless of how much hip they actually have. Pretty funny actually. Have not seen much to really stare at if you catch my meaning.

I feel sorry for videogame fans because the prices seem much higher than the US after conversion (24.99UK pounds for a GBA game? That is almost $50 US or higher).

I have walked more in two days than in three or so months. Talking about being sore. Everyone except the extremely wealthy takes the tube (subway) or a cab or walks and walks and then some. It is kind of cool to people watch, but that can only get you so far before it is time to stop into a pub or two. Speaking of which, there are plenty, but I have not been brave enough to try most. Another interesting point, it looks like many of the popular (or maybe just trendy) restaurants turn into nightclubs after hours. Kind of interesting I suppose.

It has been a whirlwind tour – I have sampled several new beers, and even had some lamb at a Turkish place. The lamb was surprisingly very tasty; not like you see that every day in Columbus.

Not sure what the rest of the week will bring, but other than missing my wife and kids, London is a pretty cool and happening place. Plenty to do and tons to drink. The pubs are so different than Columbus, that it does not even seem like the same world, which I guess is fair because I am half a world away from home.

Biggest surprise? I did not notice last time I was here, but the American restaurants are very popular, crowded, and happening hangouts. A BigMac, large fries, and large coke is 3.69 (UK pounds), or almost $8 US dollars! Surprisingly it taste pretty much the same. Have also seen Fridays, Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut to name a few.

Until the next update, UGA is taking it to LSU 24-10 at the half.


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  1. JC,

    I think Burger King is a UK company.

    Lamb is my favorite meat. I eat it once a week and enjoy it whenever we go to Indian restaraunts. You should give it a try more often.


  2. BK is UK? I guess I am pretty ignorant then. I have always assumed that it started in the US; guess I will have to reseach that sometime.

    The other American places are still popular. :)

    Lamb – just not widely seen in Columbus so I had not given it much thought. It was very good. The client I was with said that it was "OK" – I needed to have it cooked "properly" the British way for it to taste really good. Not sure what that means – we had all had too much to drink at that point.

    Anyway, I was not expecting much from the lamb, but figured I would be "brave" and try something different.

    Glad to see someone is still reading my junk. Thanks Ted!

  3. JC,

    I don’t know what properly means, but I take Lamb Chops bought at the local grocer and just add salt and pepper and broil. The natural oils in the meat are "perfect" flavoring to me.


    P.S. I dont’ always comment, but I read every post. Keep up the good work.

  4. BK is UK? That’s two of us that were wrong, JC.

    Within 10 miles of me there are two Pizza Huts, 5 McDonalds (3 of them within about a mile of each other in Hartlepool), 2 Burger Kings, 2 KFC’s and a TGI Fridays. I’m a Burger King lover myself, though McDonalds have the Big Tasty (UK only, I think) and I’m slowly falling in love with that.

    Can’t help on the ‘proper’ way to cook lamb – I’ve never tried it. Glad to see you’ve firmly embraced a wide variety of watering holes…

    I haven’t missed an update so far JC – I check here every day or two, and don’t plan to stop. Nice work, mate.


  5. Adam, Hartlepool was in the news on TV the first day I was over here (Sep 29). For the life of me I cannot remember why, but I remember thinking at the time – how cool is that. Of all the places on the UK BBC news right now, I actually know someone in Hartlepool.

    All of the US places that I have seen in London are always packed – from SubWay, to TGI Fridays, to McDonalds, and pretty much everything else.

    BTW, I am pretty sure we had a Big Tasty (or still have one) at some point in time. I am surprised that BicMacs and Fries taste the same, the softdrinks do not. I have a bottle of coke on my desk right now – it claims to have vegetable extracts … whatever that is, but maybe it is what taste different!

    Thanks to all for the encouragement!

  6. How’s the weather over there?

    I heard that there is a free download for the iPod for its notes feature. It’s a database of of all the public restrooms in London, along with ratings for some.

    Tate Modern is suppose to be a big draw. But London prices are suppose to be higher than any other city except maybe Tokyo

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