PO’ed in Kaiserslautern

Un’fing believable. What a poorly officiated game. When is the US going to score? I guess a tie is better than a loss, but now we have to play the “if we beat Ghana and Italy beats the Czechs …” game. To be honest, without studying it more, I am not even sure what it will take to advance. That -3 goal differential is going to kick us in the teeth before it is all said and done.

The Mastroeni red card was bad enough, but the Pope red card (second yellow of the match), just minutes into the second half was really unnecessary. I am really beside myself right now, spitting mad, and should not be typing this entry. BUT I am so f’ing upset that I have get this off my chest.

I was right on a couple of points. Beasley was a second half sub, but he did a piss poor job of stretching the field. To be honest, I hope he does not see any action against Ghana, but I best he sees time because two of our boys are down for group play. I also said that Keller would get the job done if given some decent support, and he proved his worth with a couple of nice saves late in the second half.

For a few seconds my 2-1 prediction seemed to come to fruition. So close, yet so far away. I guess the interference was the right call, but after so many crap calls, I would hope for some type of break. Alas, it was not to be.

Playing a man down (9-10) most of the second half sucked, but I really do not understand why we did not try to mount some sort of attack in the final minutes. Beasley should have run the sidelines just to try to make something happen.

More later. When I calm down.


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