EA Does It Again: Clustered The PS4 PGA Tour Install Process

Un’fing believable. How could EA screw the pooch this badly?

For those of you that are only seeing 2 menu options in the game, it is because the game has not completed the install and you are in the pre-installed version of the game that has limited features. I know this can be frustrating on PS4 because there is no progress bar of any sort to show you how it is doing and if you go to your storage it is going to say the full size of the game there cause that is what it says as soon as it starts installing. So here are a few things you should keep in mind:

– The game takes ~40 to 60 minutes to install while nothing is running on the console.
– If you suspend or shut down your console the install will stop.
– If you are playing the game or using other applications while the install is taking place then your install can be greatly slowed down.
– If you are downloading the game then the process will be even longer cause you have to download all 29 GB and install it all too.
– Make sure you have enough HD space to fit the game on your HD.

My best advice is to let the game install and leave your console running at the consoles menu. Go away, let it be, come back in an hour and boot the game up.

If you are still having issues having done all of this then please contact EA Customer Support for further assistance.

Should I really have expected anything less from EA?


2 thoughts on “EA Does It Again: Clustered The PS4 PGA Tour Install Process”

  1. Hey – I see you got The Golf Club. I just picked that up the other day! Want to play a round? I know nothing about how it works, but I’m sure you can get me up to speed. :-)

  2. Hi Kevin! When I have time to play it, I really enjoy The Golf Club; it is a very under appreciated golf sim. Can’t say that I am any good at it, but I digress.

    Please send me a friend request: PSN is still simple, jcalvert

    I should be around some this weekend get in a game or two. I don’t use a mic, but whatever …

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