Incoming, Rory Mcllroy PGA Tour

I rarely get all hot and bothered these days over an IGN review, but this tweet caught my attention:

Stacked up against the two-year-old Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, the new game has roughly half the number of courses to play on, about a quarter of the licensed players to choose from (with both the Legends and the female LPGA players gone entirely), and a create-a-player tool that ditches the customary eyebrow shaping and body sculpting of the older game in favour of a handful of set templates that are almost guaranteed to look absolutely nothing like you.

That sounds like EA’s typical first generation releases on new consoles, only EA took a year off from the Tiger franchise. BTW, why does it need Rory in the title? Why not just PGA Tour with Rory on the cover?

The metacritic scores are all over the map at this point. My copy should arrive tomorrow, and hopefully the game will not be a let down. If it is, I’ll (hopefully) flip it on eBay before its stock drops like a can of beans, and I can always go back to the enjoyable The Golf Club, which received undeserving sub-par metacritic scores.


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