USMNT – Defensive Calamity

Dissecting the USMNT’s 2-1 Gold Cup exit at the hands of Jamaica is really not worth the effort. Plenty of sites have already done as much, including calling for the head of Jürgen Klinsmann.

While the U.S. dominated the game, their defense ultimately let them down. Again. How many times do we have to sing this song?

Disappointing doesn’t begin to describe my feelings on this one …

Go USA … just not to the Gold Cup finals. #ThrowAwayTheCup


2 thoughts on “USMNT – Defensive Calamity”

  1. Interesting Klinsman’s winning percentage is about the same as it was when he managed Bayern and the German team.ürgen_Klinsmann

    Bob Bradley managed about 9 more games of the USMNT and had a lower percentage:

    I don’t know if another manager will do better with the same squad. Klinsman already has the best winning percentage of all USMNT managers (there is a guy at 66% but that was only for 3 games and it was in the ’20s).

    Will a more competitive MLS gradually improve the competitiveness of the USMNT?

    Hard to say, since the MLS at the moment seems to like making waves with stunt signings of mostly over the hill European players.

  2. I haven’t found the inner strength and fortified necessary to write about our awful performance in Saturday’s third place game. What an embarrassing tournament for the USMNT.

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