Gold Cup – Will the USMNT Sort Out Defensive Woes?

Over the years, how many times have I written about Team U.S.A. being let dow by an awful defense? I’m not going to go there yet, but I will let Matthew Doyle take us to that special place in his latest Armchair Analyst article:

But we won because Michael Bradley serves in sick set pieces and because Clint Dempsey is an American badass. It’s been a very good combination over the years, and if you’re struggling to take something overly positive away from the game… well, you’re not alone. Just don’t take those two guys for granted – as long as they’re around, the US have a chance.

2-1 over Honduras, taking the three points home last Tuesday night. Haiti is next, tomorrow night. We should secure the group, but the boys better be ready and not allow Haiti to think the have a chance.


4 thoughts on “Gold Cup – Will the USMNT Sort Out Defensive Woes?”

  1. Looking forward to them qualifying for the Confederations Cup.

    I don’t follow the US team that closely but it seems there hasn’t been a big infusion of young talent in a long time.

    Some of the players had stints in European leagues but no longer.

    Hoping all the reforms Klinsman talked about for developing young talent is taking place.

  2. I watch pretty closely. The Gold Cup experience will help the youngsters on this team down the road (AKA Russia 2018 World Cup), but I wonder if that same youth is going to cause us a calamity in this tournament.

    The good news is we have a safety net – if we don’t win this year’s Gold Cup, we have a playoff against the winner for a spot in the Confederations Cup.

    It’s way too early to tell if JK’s youth development ideas are having an impact. That should happen years down the road.

  3. Well Altidore got sent home.

    Dempsey is still scoring but with Donovan retired from international competition, the next generation will have to step up.

    You would hope that MLS helps with domestic talent development but lately they seem to be making big signings of over the hill European players.

  4. Aging European players = BIG money, for the players and the team’s (gate receipts, merchandise, etc.).

    I wasn’t completely surprised by Jozy being sent how; he hasn’t been fit lately. I am surprised by how flat footed we have seen, but I guess that happens when the lineup changes each match.

    It should change again Saturday if JA decides DeMarcus is his best option at left back, which may happen considering the horrid play of the backline …

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