Blowing Off Steam. Time to Reconsider?

It is pretty well established in these pages that I don’t care for PC gaming, but that could change with the advent of Steam Machines.

These PC in a box ‘consoles’ could change my perspective, with several different options across a wide spectrum of prices, the only issue I see is market confusion. With 14 (and I assume more on the way) options, it is difficult to know where to start. Picking an ‘open’ hardware version, that allows for future upgrades (which may be every version being offered) is a great place to start. With the $500 getting started price point, I just have to reconcile a dedicated Steam Machine over a multi-use laptop that could also be connected to my TV.

The only reason I would even consider one of these boxes is to break into the world of iRacing. With the Steam iRacing listing showing Windows as a requirement, and the new Steam Machines being built to support ValveOS (Linux flavoring), I probably need to take a wait and see approach.


2 thoughts on “Blowing Off Steam. Time to Reconsider?”

  1. I think it would be hard for these manufacturers to put together a $500 box that is that much better than the consoles.

    The GPUs in the PS4 and the Xbox One aren’t that special. They’re mobile parts from several years ago.

    But the memory systems in the consoles, especially the PS4, are fast.

    Then of course, you have the usual advantages of developers targeting a common system.

    But the other part of it is that Steam boxes are more for genres of games which are more popular to PC gaming. EA for instance only makes FIFA for PC now.

    Unless Steam can cut deals to bring over more console genres such as sports and platforming, people used to console games may not be that pleased with Steam boxes.

  2. Re, “… people used to console games may not be that pleased with Steam boxes.” It will be interesting to see if what happens this holiday season. I really just want to try for iRacing …

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