I’m Turning Japanese …

I finally decided to get off my duff and setup a Japanese PSN account. Mostly because I was curious, partly because I wanted to download some specific demos, PSOne Classics, avatars and themes that are not available in the US, and finally just because I wanted to give it a go.

It was actually pretty straight forward, with my biggest questions being if I could re-use my current US PSN registered email account, and how the heck to navigate the Japanese store.

Now my biggest issue is that I need to spend $50 or so to buy a Japanese 3,000 YEN PSN card that is only worth about $35 (after the exchange rate). I did manage to pull down a couple of JP PSN themes that are unavailable in the US, so I guess that was worth the trivial effort involved to setup the Japanese PSN account.


2 thoughts on “I’m Turning Japanese …”

  1. games like gt5 and LBP have had free dlc in japan — that costed money in the us

    actually the gt5 was chrome cars– that were pre order stuff here- so we werent even able to get them

  2. You are on a role with back-to-back-to-back comments. I need to look at a few games like GT5 and LBP to see if there are free DLC that I can download and actually use. Not sure if any of the DLC is actually region specific (don’t see how it could be) or if it could f’up my game saves (I could see this happening).

    I was curious more than anything else, and looking for some Japanese anime theme type stuff, and anything Vita related. I think the culture in Japan is different than the US (so says Captain Obvious). What I really mean is that in Japan it looks like everything cost some amount of money, while in the US we do expect to have more free trinkets on offer.

    Need to jump over to the EU store next …

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