PS+ Saves The World, One Publisher At A Time

OK, not really, but the new E3 announced Instant Game Collection should help the credibility and perceived value of the PS+ program. I doubt that Sony will every offer up numbers, however I expect that the PS+ subscription numbers received a substantial boost after the Instant Game Collection was announced.

Speaking of PS+ and perceived value, thesixthaxis has an interesting article about the value going both ways. Not only do subscribers get “free” games and discounts, but companies with featured PS+ content are using the PS+ program as a marketing vehicle.

Mike Kebby, Digital Campaigns Manager at SEGA Europe, only has great things to say about the way PlayStation Plus-promoted games can reach a wider audience.
“With Virtua Fighter we know we have a franchise with an extremely hardcore following, but we really wanted to ensure that we introduced the latest iteration [VF5: Final Showdown] to as many new players as possible,” he told us.

“We’ve found that PlayStation Plus was a perfect way to do this, as well as ensure we made a big noise about the title’s release, it’s great to reach out to lots of potential new fans,” he continued.

“VF5: Final Showdown has done very well for us since launch, and we’re glad to have continued our strong relationship with SCE by offering it to PS Plus subscribers for free.”

While the VF5 Trophy whoring was great, I would have actually purchased some of the DLC if it as cheaper. Even with the PS+ discount, I thought it was way too much ($14.99 or something similar) just to see some of the characters in different outfits with some different items and maybe an extra trinket or two. I admit that I’m not a huge fighting game fan, and while Sarah Bryant is hot and all (in a virtual video game character sort of way), Sarah Bryant is just not $15 DLC hot.


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