I am not going to go into a whole lot of details, but suffice it to say that this game totally sucked. Or rather the Falcons totally sucked. So did their so called fans.

Not only did the Falcons embarrass the franchise with such poor play, but the fans as a whole deserve a big WTF? I can understand cheering for Vick. I look around me each week and see plenty of his jerseys, but chants of “We want Vick! We want Vick!” were just too much to stomach. Mark Bradley of ajc.com saw things slightly differently:

No matter how it seemed on TV, Vick’s sort of homecoming commanded no consensus. He drew more boos than cheers when he made his first appearance, and even after the two touchdowns this was not — no matter how the national media might portray it — a case of every single Falcons supporter changing sides. The majority came ready to support the home team, but the home team did nothing to hold up its end.

Let’s put it this way. Vick was booed (plenty of woof-woofs too) more than cheered his first couple of appearance. When Vick scored his first TD, the stadium erupted in pure adulation. Never mind that this meant the Falcons were now down 20-0! After the Eagles when up 27-0, before the Eagles came out again on offense, the Dome was filled with “We want Vick!” chants. When Vick came in, there were mostly cheers; by this point in the game there were not enough true Falcons fans left to make any sort of difference. When Vick scored, the Dome went nuts. Clearly Vick is still an ATL favorite.

I have no problems cheering for Vick. Give him a round of applause, and be done with it. The reality was that there were more Vick fans than Falcons fans. I just don’t get it. Regardless of the player (no matter how popular), support your team, but such is the mystique (what else can I call it) of Vick, who once again captivated the Dome.