Kissing Belmont Adieus

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the latest edition of Qore (#43 – December 2011 – via my PS+ subscription) and noticed some dude that is NOT Veronica Belmont doing the opening junk. My first thought – oh no, WTF is Veronica?

A quick search and a couple of clicks later revealed the harsh reality – Veronica is no longer the cute (almost sexy) hostess of Qore. Too bad. Not to say that the new guy will not do a good job. He is just not the cute and dare I say it again, semi sexy, Veronica Belmont.

Qore will never be the same …


2 thoughts on “Kissing Belmont Adieus”

  1. OK – You got me on that one. Tomorrow is my 18th anniversary … at the time I wrote the article, besides being despondent over your departure, I was trying to show some restraint. I thought cute and almost sexy was in pretty good taste.

    Best of luck!

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