Advancing Winning Eleven 8

After starting out on two-stars, I quickly decided that I was actually too good (hurray!), so I had to adjust to make the game challenging. It is amazing to see the difference between two and three starts. On two stars, the game more or less plays at your pace, it some to you, and you can knock it in the net relatively easy. Not so on three stars.

I was immediately surprised by the difference in difficulty. For starts, the game does not feel cheap. This is important for gamers that are not really that gifted. The CPU just plays within the bounds of being smart, not unrealistic. The CPU now takes charge of the ball on offense and aggressively seeks to move the ball forward and shoot when given the opportunity. Likewise on defense, the CPU moves forward to challenge the man in possession of the ball. Smart all around.

One of the things I noticed right away was the increase in fouls; not necessarily cards, but fouls are called much more frequently. The CPU also makes smart decisions about clearing the ball, or playing back in order to gain opportunities to move forward.

Since moving to three-stars my games are along the lines of 1-0, and I actually loss a game 1-0. That kind of sucked since it was the first time I have been defeated in WE8, but I was outplayed, did not mount a serious attack, and did a piss poor job of maintaining possession. In other words I deserved to take the loss.

I will continue to post more as the mood strikes.


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