Why I Love College Football

Cyclones. Cowboys. On ‘paper’ not really worth watching. Friday night I kept checking in on the game during the first half, between Skyrim sessions, and didn’t see anything captivating, worth holding my time or attention. However, it had been a long week, so I decided to just veg out, have a few cold ones, turn off Skyrim for the night, and watch the beat down in the second half. What a reward!

Somehow, Bedlam arrived two weeks early, and it was delivered by the most unlikely of teams. Iowa State, which had been 0-56-2 against opponents ranked in the top six of the Associated Press top 25 poll since 1936, stunned the No. 2 Cowboys 37-31 in double overtime at Jack Trice Stadium.

Saturday. First, Georgia escapes, which allowed the Dawgs to capture the SEC East. This is a much different team than the one that started the season 0-2.

Saturday night I was watching the Texas game (very disappointing) of FX, and checking in on the USC – Oregon game, and FX would post the occasional coverage of ‘… those Baylor Bears are beating the Sooners …’

What a crazy two days of college football, which is why I love college football.

This season has officially lost its mind, which isn’t such a bad thing. We thought we had clear-cut national title matchup (unbeaten LSU against unbeaten Oklahoma State). Now we have LSU and BCS bedlam.

There are the once-beatens — Bama, Arkansas, Oklahoma State and, sure, why not, Stanford, Virginia Tech and Boise State. And by the way, Houston is 11-0.

So here’s what we know going into the final two weeks of the regular season: we don’t know anything.

From a UGA standpoint, they gave to travel to ATL to take on the Bumble Bees, and they damn sure better bring their A-Game, or there will be an upset. Then of course there is that little date in the Georgia Dome for a BCS birth.

Go Dawgs!


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